50 FOR 50!

Welcome to our 50 for 50 series! With 50 therapeutic groups meeting weekly at Turning Point, we are spotlighting each of them during our 50th anniversary year!

The following groups have been in the spotlight on the Turning Point Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TurningPointBHCC/.

We will continue to showcase our many groups here and on Facebook throughout the coming year to share with you the wide array of diverse therapeutic groups that meet weekly at Turning Point, providing compassionate support, instruction, and valuable skill building opportunities for our community of clients.

The Transportation Group is always on the go! Every week, this group sets off to explore a new destination that they have chosen as a group. In warm weather months, the group travels by bicycle, learning and practicing navigation and safety skills. In colder months, the group practices using the trains and buses in Chicago’s public transportation system. By planning and executing their trips, clients learn valuable navigation skills and also have an opportunity to expand their comfort levels in trying new things and exploring new places. The group explores both practical and pleasurable destinations – from grocery stores and community centers, to parks, art galleries, and other cultural destinations.

The Turning Over a New Leaf Group offers support to clients who are experiencing difficult times of transition. The group meets weekly to discuss strategies, share experiences, and support each other through a variety of life challenges, changes and stressors. Group leader Missy Iavarone is impressed by the mutual support within this group and looks forward every week to spending time with the group members and collaborating on ways to move forward through challenging times and situations.

The Newsletter Group is a fun and collaborative group at Turning Point which compiles and prints several issues of the Newsletter every year. The team effort in this group starts with choosing a theme, continues on through the process of collecting articles, curating the content of each issue, and choosing visual elements to include. Clients in this group work on a wide array of skills including creativity, effective teamwork, working under deadline, and translating ideas to finished articles. Group leader Missy Iavarone enjoys the abundant ideas, creativity and enthusiasm within this group. Check out the latest issue here! https://www.tpoint.org/group-therapy

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