What exactly do you do, and how can it help me?” 

These are two questions commonly asked by those new to therapy.  My answer is simple. “It’s not really what I do; it’s what we do together that will encourage your own growth and transformation.”

That said, a helpful therapeutic relationship can make you feel more alive, more connected, and more secure. The way we work together can help you feel listened to and understood in ways that strengthen how you feel about yourself. It can help you figure out ways to tolerate stress with less distress. It can help you navigate significant transitions and work through feelings of sadness and loss.  Feeling validated and responded to can create space for healing from toxic, deeply engrained effects of trauma and other early experiences. It can help you find your own voice and break down barriers that prevent you from achieving your true potential.  The work we do in our therapy relationship can help you gradually change longstanding patterns of thinking or behaving, and ultimately, improve the way you navigate life.

If you are curious and motivated, therapy can be a very rewarding experience.  Very often, you get to meet the person you’ve always wanted to be!

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