The following note was sent by Turning Point CEO Ann Fisher Raney to staff, board members, and advisory council members following Tuesday’s presidential election.


Dear Friends,

Today we find ourselves looking back at a truly remarkable event. The results of our presidential election probably took many of us by surprise and we are now anticipating a future that many may find hard to imagine.

No matter what candidate we supported, today marks a milestone in our history, since we have elected a president whom we have not known as a politician. So it’s hard to anticipate the kind of government he will create and the policies he will espouse as the leader of our country.

What we do know, however, is that he will be our leader, beginning next January, and between now and then, there is a great deal of healing and reconciling that we can do. Many of us have been at odds with one another over this election and I would guess that most of us have felt worried about the outcome.

Let’s be sure to continue to be a community of people who care first about one another. Keep talking, stay open to new ideas and possibilities. Share your feelings and fears and hopes as the days unfold.

Our Turning Point community is strong and resilient. We have been through many difficult times and we have always emerged stronger and more unified. Together we are a powerful, vibrant force and I am thankful for each of you today and every day.




Ann Fisher Raney, LCSW

Chief Executive Officer

Turning Point Behavioral Health Care CEnter

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