A Message from our CEO and Board President

Dear Members of the Turning Point Community,

Today, nothing is more important than acknowledging the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. All of us are affected by this tragedy and e have an opportunity now to let it guide each of us to a renewed understanding of the division and inequality that too many African Americans and BIPOCs (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) experience every day.

Monday, Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, returned to the site of the killing. He cried and prayed and then he rose and asked for peaceful protests and continued investigation into his brother’s death. Referring to recent violence, he said, “Let’s do this another way … [p]eace on the left and justice on the right.”

This grieving man who has lost so much showed dignity and righteous anger. We are moved and humbled by his call for a peaceful response in the midst of so much pain and, as two white persons leading this organization, we pledge to listen carefully and to learn all that we can about the many things we do not know.

Please remember that Turning Point is a safe space that is committed to providing excellent and equitable mental health care for all. Our clinicians, crisis team, and The Living Room at Turning Point stand ready to help you with your pain and your fear.

Turning Point teams are holding space for staff to share their feelings and to address issues of trauma and self-care that will allow them to continue to provide the support that you and your families deserve.

We hope you will join us in denouncing the real trauma that too many of our BIPOC neighbors feel when they are repeatedly discriminated against by a corrupted and failing criminal justice system and an environment of scarcity and violence.

We stand with you.

Ann Fisher Raney, Chief Executive Officer

Brian Clarke, President, Board of Directors