Leading in our profession and our community

At Turning Point, we see leadership—inside our organization and across our communities and profession—as a shared and solemn responsibility.

As senior leaders of Turning Point, our board and management team aim always to remain aware and thoughtful of how our decisions impact the lives of others.

As leaders in clinical practice, we empower our staff to say yes—to use their skills and knowledge in the best interest of each client.

As educators and mentors, we translate our expertise and experience into new lessons and share them with others. We create a culture where new ideas can be presented and practiced, and we dedicate time and space for individual and communal learning to improve clinical understanding and professional growth.

As advocates, we champion the rights of people living with mental illness and the professionals who serve them. We speak up at every opportunity to create greater understanding and public support for mental healthcare.

As part of a vibrant community where diversity is respected and celebrated and new voices and perspectives welcome, we constantly look for more ways to serve our community as leader, teacher, and solid corporate citizen.

We must never forget another essential of true leadership: humility. Not every “first” decision is the right one, and when missteps occur, acknowledgment and repair are crucial. Leaders at Turning Point are committed to learning as well as leading.

Ann Fisher Raney, AM, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer