Immediate availability for new adult clients! Call (847) 933-0051 x 0

Immediate availability for new adult clients! Call (847) 933-0051 x 0


This is the story of my life—take or leave it. I’ll take it.

I was depressed. My mom had passed away when I was 16. I knew in my brain and body I didn’t want to stay in that bad place.

I went and asked for help. The people at Turning Point understand. They don’t judge. They love what they do. They teach us a lot of stuff—like coping skills and how to deal with anger and sadness.

My personality has come out after years of therapy. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Turning Point. I met my therapist when I was 19. She’s seen me turn into a beautiful woman.

I love when we go out in groups—to eat or to the movies or go bowling. We’ll go to the beach or to the park, or we’ll barbecue. Of course, I’m the only person in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t matter.

I don’t have to be alone. When the holidays come up, I get to see everyone, and they’re happy to see me—I’m the life of the party.

I’ve recommended Turning Point to lots of people. I tell them, “I have this place I’ve been going to for a while. The name is Turning Point.” I just give them the idea. Then, it’s up to them.

I love the staff at Turning Point. They care about us and want us to be happy.

A lot of people don’t want to say those words “mental illness.” Maybe they were raised not to talk about it, or they don’t have support at home. I tell them, “Nobody’s always normal in life. Everybody has something—normal is just a setting on the clothes dryer.”

If you need somebody, Turning Point’s always there no matter what you go through in life. It’s home.”

Katy, Turning Point Client