Immediate availability for new adult clients! Call (847) 933-0051 x 0

Immediate availability for new adult clients! Call (847) 933-0051 x 0


At Turning Point, they don’t let you down. They really care.

I’d always been very dependent on my parents. Then when they died, I was mentally not in a good place and facing homelessness. I’d been in therapy for like 40 years, and nothing seemed to work before.

When I went to Turning Point, it was the only time I’d ever really started getting well. The first person I saw was a therapist, and she was fantastic. They helped me get Medicaid benefits and a place to live. Things started looking up.

When I first started, I really had no life skills. I wanted so much to get better that I took lots of groups, like the cooking and walking groups and the heavier, more intense ones like coping skills and trauma. I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life.

The hope and humor group taught me how to lighten up and join in. Peer support helped me deal with my friends in crisis. The art group was a good way to express myself. And meditation helped me get into living in the now instead of the past or the future.

The Turning Point Living Room is great. I’ve used it a number of times throughout the years. The peer support counselors are very knowledgeable. They can put themselves in my shoes because they’ve been through it themselves.

I’m happy with my recovery. I’m in a better place right now than I’ve ever been in my life. I can’t say enough good things about Turning Point. It’s a real comfortable place to be, like a home away from home.

The Turning Point staff are smart, they know their stuff. They always treat me like everybody else—a human being who has a few issues. They never, ever looked down on me.”

Michele, Turning Point Client